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Jammin' it to the beat

Wulf's Journal

29 November 1991

Yo, I'm Roleplaywulf (now and forever), but you can simply call me Wulf. I a strange 17 year old Puerto Rican/ Mexican girl who loves to makes friends. I am pretty shy, but once you get to know me, I can be pretty outgoing.

My twin sister is Koisnake, who can be found her at LJ as well. Being my best friend, Koi is always by my side, and we even dress alike to this day!

Art and Cosplay
I always found myself creative from the day I picked up a pencil. I wish to either pursue a career in animation or game art design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. If you wish to view some of my art, click my Homepage above (DeviantART gallery).

Aside from drawing, my notable hobby is cosplaying. I am passionate about bringing a character through life via cosplay craftsmanship. I usually cosplay in mascots, but I wish to expand my skills to clothing and armor. You can find me amongst Ohio conventions, but I also travel outside of Ohio as well. I won't be caught dead with Koi cosplaying by my side.

Call me a otaku and I will rip your throat out. Now, I am mostly into video game fandoms at the time, since I dropped watching some time ago (I neither have the time nor patience to watching it anymore). I love playing Zelda (especially the Wind Waker), Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Parappa the Rapper and Klonoa. As a fan, I often collect rare merchandise and display them in my room, which can include hard to find plush toys, expensive figurines, or manga that is nearly impossible to obtain without accessing it through a 3rd party (Wind Waker manga, Klonoa Manga).. yes.. I love my fandoms.

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